Front row, left to right: , Sonja Telman Bönisch, Marlies Gallenkamp
Back row, left to right:Frouke Flieringa, Ignaz Anderson
Ignaz Anderson - director
To get close to the actual work he strives to meet many promoters and their projects. The diversity of questions and propositions offers a rich image of the time and of the people who work to improve the quality of our society: 'It is always exciting to recognize the spark of the promoter in the essence of a project. Being subservient to passionate people with a healthy dose of pragmatism is the best thing there is'.

For questions and appointments, please contact the office.

Sonja Telman Bönisch - finances
Sonja does the bookkeeping, deals with the post and does the payments. She also acts as hostess for the visitors of the foundation and the many groups that make use of the building.
She likes to work for the Iona Stichting and the fact that she can contribute to the work of people who strive for a better world.

Sonja is present every day.

Frouke Flieringa - requests for support
She studied History of Arts at the Leiden University. Her task is to deal with project requests and to prepare the board meetings. Frouke works as actress and text writer for the Amsterdam Chamber Theatre, sings world music in the Rusalki Quartet and also works part-time for the Haëlla Stichting in the Hague.

Frouke is present on Wednesday and Thursday.

Marlies Gallenkamp - communication
Marlies took over from Christine Geertsema in March 2014. Her tasks are general office management and communication.  She is also responsible for the project evaluation procedure and for the update of the website.

Marlies works Tuesday to Friday.

Contact the office.