board & office


Robert Viëtor

executive director

Robert has a broad social commitment. He studied political science and educational science in Amsterdam. Robert has worked for many years as an advisor, teacher/trainer and director for businesses and education. He focuses on commitment, development and direction. A pleasant and meaningful process is also important.

Christine Geertsema


Christine studied communication management in Amsterdam. She organizes the link between the board and the office. Christine also takes care of communication, work flows and system management. She appreciates the uniqueness in every human being and their motivation to achieve their goals.

Sonja Telman


Sonja is book keeper and deals with all financial tasks. She also takes care of matters concerning the building on the Herengracht. She likes to work for the Iona Stichting and the fact that she can contribute to initiatives of people who strive for a better world.

Frouke Flieringa

project advisor

Frouke studied history of arts at Leiden University. Her task is to examine project applications and issue advice. She also works as actress and text writer for the Amsterdam Chamber Theatre; sings world music in the Rusalki Quartet and works as project advisor for the Haëlla Stichting in the Hague, an organization that focusses on human rights.

Roos Naves

funds initiator/accompanist

Money comes forth from realised ideas and is a means with impact to realize new ideals. Roos wishes to connect the intentions of donors to the ideas of project initiators in such a way that the ideals of both parties can reinforce each other.

Mila Biesot


Mila is the point of contact for colleagues and visitors of the building on the Herengracht. With her focus on maintaining an overview and organizing, she ensures that her colleagues can do their work in a relaxed manner. Connection and collaboration are central to Mila and her work for the Iona Stichting.

Supervisory Board

Bas Holvast


Bas works as (interim) manager, coach and consultant. He gets inspired when he sees people and organizations take small steps in their development. Steps which often are bigger than they seem. Money and the way it functions is one of his points of interest.

Solveigh Bijkerk


Solveigh is a lawyer. She strongly believes that problem solving is more important than winning and that conflicts have more dimensions than just legal ones. She passionately explores this field and in doing so anthroposophy inspires her. For Solveigh her supervisory board membership is an ideal way to support her research into relationships between people from a legal-anthroposophical point of view, this in addition to the other refreshing impulses the foundation offers.

Lars Talsma


Lars works as a manager Support&Change at a bank. He enjoys bringing figures to life so that they become more meaningful. Within the Iona Stichting he dedicates himself to working with money; not as a goal, but as a way to realize a greater ideal.

Romée van der Vorm


Romée is very aware of the urgencies of our time and feels involved with the requirements from society. "We have to take responsibility and that is not always easy". The Iona Stichting offers her a way to make a difference. She sees her involvement with the Iona Stichting as a way to give concrete substance to this. Romée studied at the HEAO in Utrecht and also followed an anthroposophical oriented education in Zeist.

Johannes Kronenberg


Johannes works at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, where he is a research associate at the Section for Agriculture and project leader for the board. With roots in the arts and sustainability sciences, the socio-ecological question is a common thread in the pursuit of new leadership.

Michiel ter Horst

honorary member of the supervisory Board

Michiel has been a board member since 1975 and was chairman from 1997-2013. He considers the Iona Stichting as a connecting theme in his life, because of the heartfelt bonds with people with whom he may cooperate. After his formal leave as chairman in March 2013 Michiel was asked to become a honorary member of the supervisory Board.