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Veld en Beek: Horse traction at the Veld en Beek Farm

2022 · €10.000,-

Who are they?

Organic Farm Veld en Beek is a biologically dynamic mixed farm with dairy cattle, horticulture, dairy processing, arable farming, beef cattle, fruit cultivation and direct marketing of all products to 3400 members of its own customer association. The farm strives for ever more sustainable and closing cycles. Recently horse traction was reintroduced on the farm. A sustainable step since horses do not use fossil fuel and minimally burden the soil.


A group of 5 volunteers will be trained to work with the horses and various materials need to be purchased, such as a farm wagon, a trailer, a shelter in the meadow and harnesses.

Next year a foal will be born, which will  be trained for the traction. It will take about five years for horse and handler to master the necessary skills to work in and with a two-horse team. People who are interested in working with farm horses can contact Veld en Beek for a training.