Melchior de la Mars (toegeschreven aan), De bewening van de stervende Maria Magdalena, 1620-9. The Phoebus Foundation, Antwerpen


Museum Catharijneconvent: mary magdalene. the exhibition

2020 · €5.000,-

From Jesus’ star witness and figurehead for atonement, to a symbol for unheard women. Mary Magdalene gave rise to many myths and theories and has inspired artists from the Middle Ages until today.

who are they?

The past few years Museum Catharijne Convent has been working hard to create a new face. Exhibitions are developed that make the beautiful collection and its themes relevant to our times, with a particular focus on young people. This exhibition is open for public from 25 June 2021 to 9 January 2022.


Mary Magdalene has given rise to many myths and theories and has inspired artists throughout te ages to create absolute masterpieces and a great diversity of imagination. The exhibition also focuses on the Gnostic texts, in which Mary Magdalene appears as a good listener to Jesus, and as a teacher of other disciples. An innovative way of guiding the public is being experimented with. The spaces with artworks are woven together with strategically placed film fragments. Together they create one film. Each piece of film ends with a cliffhanger and makes the visitor curious about the next room. There the next layer of  the story is unravelled. The visitor imagines himself on a journey along historical sources, contemporary art and popular culture. Playing with prior knowledge and expectations the exihbiton offers the visitor the experience of a personal voyage of discovery.