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EthicFinance: socio-economic fruit farming in Georgia

2021 · €3.000,-

Improving hygiene and safety measures

who are they?

Since 2012, the NGO Ethic Finance from Tbilisi has been running a social-economic fruit-growing project in the village of Sobisi, near the city of Gori. This is not far from the conflict area in South Ossetia. Corona has reinforced the need for a number of safety and hygiene measures. The water and the products need to be tested regularly by a laboratory and equipment has to be adjusted, as well as the layout of the manufacturing premises. The government is monitoring more closely and the company wishes to collaborate on these important safety matters.


The project offers economic prospects to women and young people, in particular those with a distance from the labor market. By offering relevant work  they also help to reduce migration from the countryside to the cities. Among other things, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, cherry and grape juice, wine and pickled tomatoes are produced. Participants receive various forms of training in biodynamic cultivation and entrepreneurship.