The Iona Stichting supports actual initiatives that spring from the changing needs of society. The logo symbolizes the crossroads between ideal and reality. The vertical line of the spiritual ideal and the horizontal line of the active encounter between social organizations and the Iona Stichting cross where cooperation is made possible.  

Supporting actual needs asks for cooperation with other, independent, organizations that value the same ideals. Proceeding from various disciplines we work together with the following partners:


The NIVOZ foundation (Netherlands Institute for Education and Child Care) is a refuge for thinking and designing out of the box; a place for concentration, reflection and dialogue. NIVOZ strengthens teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders in the execution of their educational assignment. Their view is that every person is connected and responsible in society and that education has the social responsibility to make a contribution.

Louis Bolk Institute

For more than 40 years the Louis Bolk Institute has been developing knowledge about sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health: three areas that are interconnected. Focal points are nature-inclusive agriculture and positive health. The institute works on strengthening natural systems and processes, whether these relate to agricultural areas, soil, farms, patients, or urban neighborhoods. Louis Bolk conducts projects in close collaboration with stakeholders, aiming for participatory and practical solutions.

philantropic guild old church amsterdam

Like the guilds that financed the various altars in the church until the end of the eighteenth century, new guilds, formed by various institutions in Amsterdam, finance projects that take place in the Old Church. The Iona Stichting is a member of the Philanthropic Guild.

association of foundations in the Netherlands (FIN)

The Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN) is an umbrella organization, representing the interests of more than 330 private charitable foundations in the Netherlands. These organizations support a broad field of social needs. The Iona Stichting is a member.