testaments & legacies

Private persons can bequeath a legacy or inheritance to the Iona Stichting either with a specific project in mind or to support the general work of the foundation.

There are two ways to bequeath to the Iona Stichting:

the foundation is heir

As (joint) heir, the Iona Stichting alone, or together with other heirs, is entitled to the entire estate. In this case the foundation and co-heirs inherit all the assets and liabilities of the estate.

a legacy allocated to the foundation

A legacy can be money, but also a property, an investment portfolio or a valuable object such as a painting.

A legacy to the Iona Stichting should be recorded in a will. The Iona Stichting is appointed as legatee. Beneficial acceptance is not required for a legacy.

practical information

We make an effort to get to know our benefactors and have a dedicated interest in the wishes and ideals of the testator or testatrix concerning his or her inheritance. When however the intentions of the testator or testatrix are not known to us, the proceeds go to the basic capital of the foundation, which is used to support our various fields of interest.

tax benefit

Please note that the tax benefits only apply to donors who pay taxes in the Netherlands.