request for support

If your project fits the general criteria of the Iona Stichting you can send us a request for support. We appreciate heart felt applications with a clear motivation. We also ask you to add a short explanation why, according to you, your project fits the view of our foundation.

Please read this carefully before you apply. It is important that you know which information is required. We want to make you attentive to the fact that the project description you are requested to enclose is of vital importance.

when to apply

You can submit an application at any time. The complete application must be submitted before the project starts. An application will not be considered if the project has already started.

each application is different

Each request for support is different and deserves our carefull consideration. It can happen that a project on our list with donations seems similar to your initiative. However, no rights can be derived from this.

no pre-applications

We do not take pre-applications into consideration. If you are in doubt whether your project fits our criteria, please contact our office.

what we do not support

Although the board appreciates to receive heart felt and well motivated applications, we do not support the following subjects:

  • projects that have already started or taken place
  • building costs and the purchase of land
  • book publications
  • holliday camps
  • company tours outside the Netherlands
  • patient support groups
  • individual support
  • schoolyards
  • professional performing arts
  • operating costs of eurythmy companies outside the Netherlands
  • settlement of debts
  • films and documentaries
  • social projects that do not have an anthroposophical background
  • concert tours
  • artist in residence programs

How to apply

You can make an application via our online system.

Please read our manual before you start the process.

If you have applied  before: we only take a new application into consideration after we have received an evaluation report of the previous project!

Required documents

There are at least two required documents.

1. Project description
The most essential document of your request. This is the place to personalize your application. You may have already given some of the required information, but please make sure to pay attention to the following:

  • maximum size: 4 x A4
  • name and short project description
  • aim
  • target audience
  • organization and cooperation partners
  • ideal behind the project
  • who will benefit?
  • who will execute the project?
  • what will your approach be?
  • duration of the project
  • according to you: when will the project be success?

2. Estimation of the costs with financial scheme

  • a detailed overview of the costs in Euros
  • the expected income and your own contribution
  • did you request and/or receive financial help from other sources?
  • for what amount do you apply?

3. When you apply on behalf of a foundation or organization: the statute and the latest financial annual report are required.

project evaluation

To give us insight in the progress of the projects we have supported and to see what is the best way for our foundation to assist our applicants we ask you to send us an evaluation report. This should reach us no longer than three months after the project is finished an should be submitted online.

You submit the evaluation on the project page of your online portal

Concerning long term projects: we require a half-yearly evaluation report.

We are interested in the personal story behind your project. However, we do have certain directions for your  evaluation report which you can find if you log in on your project page.

We will only consider new applications after we have received an evaluation report of the former one.


  • Go to our online application system
  • Read our manual
  • When you apply on behalf of a foundation: please add the statute and the latest financial annual report