The Iona Stichting is a junction for those who are committed to social renewal.

We support the creative interaction between donors and project initiators. Together we aim for spiritual, cultural and social development. We act on the  intersection of the creation of values and society. Looking for projects that have a unique and integral approach towards man and world.

Promoting the power of initiative is the core of our mission. We provide financial support for projects, research and other initiatives for development that are in line with our view and statute.

anthroposophy is an inspiration, not a limitation.


Starting point is an anthroposophical world view

We support and develop various charitable initiatives that aim for development and renewal on a social, cultural and spiritual level.

More specifically we support:

  • anthroposophy and its fields of attention: Waldorf pedagogy, health care, curative care , bio-dynamic agriculture, (anthroposophical) science, eurythmy and active art observation
  • the religious dimension of life as a connecting factor
  • art, more specifically: architecture, garden and landscape architecture, music (young amateur musicians) and visual arts

Both anthroposophy and art are a source of inspiration for our work.

A society as a social work of art, where cultural, political, legal and economical life are subservient to each other.
Mondriaan, The New Imaging


When assessing an application, we consider the following aspects:

  • Does the application fit within the aims of the foundation?
  • Does the project show creativity and power of initiative?
  • Inner consistency of the application: does the initiator create a connection between ideal, target group, approach and a financial plan?
  • The power of initiative and a personal approach are essential for your application. General applications that are not specifically addressed to the Iona Stichting will not be considered.
a personal approach creates power

international applications

International applications are welcome, but not without a reference from someone in our network who has local contacts and personal knowledge of the project.