The decision to support a project is always taken with care. We do so as a team and we consider as many aspects as possible. For us it is important and interesting to know how a project evolves.

We would like to hear how the applicant looks back on the progress of the initiative. This retrospective is an important aspect of the evaluation report.

Please note that we will not consider a subsequent application if we have not received an evaluation of the previous (granted) request.

How to?

  • Go to the online portal.
  • Log in with the same details you used to submit the application.
  • You will see the name of your project. On the right you seeĀ  ‘Evaluation form’. Click on this link.
  • Answer the questions briefly and concisely.
  • You need to upload 2 documents: a personal retrospect and a financial statement.
  • Personal review. Describe in your own words how you look back on the project, for example: what went well; did you experience any difficulties; would you approach certain things differently in the future, ?
  • Overview finances. You submitted a budget with your application. In your final financial statement you show which amounts you have actually spent and received.
  • As a last step you can upload photos (jpeg, in the highest possible resolution). Please let us know if you do not allow us to use the photographs on our website and in our publications.