Online donation

via SEPA

Via this page you can donate directly to the Iona Stichting via SEPA. Your donation will be used entirely for the purpose you specify. You can opt for a general donation or an earmarked donation.

We only use your data to process the payment administratively. If you would like to receive a confirmation of your donation by e-mail (at the beginning of the following calendar year), please indicate this in the comments field.

Please note the fiscal benefits of a donation only apply to people who pay taxes in the Netherlands.

Destination of the donation

  • Donation to a general fund: if your donation is intended for a specific purpose, select a subject using the field below.
  • Multi-purpose donation: is your multi-purpose donation? Use the comment box to explain the distribution.
  • Donation to an earmarked fund: the Iona Stichting works with its own funds and with named funds. The latter funds are established by individuals with a specific intention. If you know the name of the specific fund, please mark  this in the appropriate field.

Online donations

To make an online donations.

  • You can specify the purpose. We request you indicate the means of the donation in the comments field when choosing multiple aims.
  • Enter the name of the fund and, if known, the fund number
  • Only use numbers. A comma is followed by cents. The minimum amount to be transferred is € 5,-.
  • Would you like us to contact you by phone? Please state your telephone number here and state the reason in the comments.