(periodic) donations

a non recurrent gift

To support the Iona Stichting is not just a financial matter, it also a conscious intention and therefore a spiritual given. Often personal deliberation about project support is desirable. This consultation can be your initiative or ours. For example if you have shown particular interest in certain projects.

For people who pay tax in the Netherlands it is relevant to know that in many cases donations are tax deductible. The Iona Stichting is earmarked as an organization for the common good; in the Netherlands called an ANBI foundation. This means that the foundation is free warded from gift and inheritance taxes and can spend the full amount of your donation to the projects of your choice. On the fiscal aspects page we have listed various options for tax benefits

Please note that these benefits only apply to donors who pay tax in the Netherlands.

tax benefit for a non recurrent donation

Non recurrent gifts are tax deductible if the amount you donate is at least 1% and at most 11% of your taxable income. This rule concerns only those who pay tax in the Netherlands.

More information can be found on the fiscal aspects page.

periodic donations

You can also decide to make a donation for a minimum of five years: a periodic donation. In an agreement with the Iona Stichting you establish that you donate a fixed amount once a year. The benefit for those who pay tax in the Netherlands is that the full amount is deductible. This is an advantageous way to support projects that are important to you.

You can use our network and our expertise if you allocate a periodic donation to a donor-advised fund. This way you can have a personal say in the spending policy.

Again, please note that the benefits only apply to donors who pay tax in the Netherlands.