donor-advised fund

donor-advised funds are linked to a specific goal. In most cases they consist of private donations and legacies.

It is a satisfying and personal way of support for projects that are close to your heart, without having to start your own foundation. It saves time, money, administration and management.

We take care of all the administration, but you will, of course, remain involved with the ins and outs of your fund. In addition, we do not only assist you with our expertise and experience, but also with our network in case co-financing is required.

We appreciate the cooperation with our donors. Their support offers us extra scope. At the moment over 120 personally involved donors support the Iona Stichting.

Practical information

You arrange your donor-advised fund and, in consultation with the director, determine the objectives and the name. Requests for financial support are dealt with in our office, according to your guidelines. If in doubt, we will contact you to discuss whether you want to support a particular project.

tax benefit

A donation to your fund is already tax deductible in the year that it was made. The final goal can be decided later.

The tax benefit only applies to donors who pay tax in the Netherlands.