iona initiatives

An Iona Initiative is initiated by us and highlights a subject fitting within the aims of the foundation. The project can be executed in cooperation with other organizations. Creating our own initiatives is important for the development of our work. The project comes into being after a discussion of ideas in which  staff  and board members and other interested parties take part. 

On this page you’ll find more information about the following Iona initiatives:

  • The travels of the artwork Guernica de la Ecologica

atelier antroposophy & society

The atelier started as an Iona initiative, is still connected with the foundation, but now operates as a self-contained project. Purpose of the atelier is to support organizations on an institutional level by offering them deepening and balance by means of  social art and contemplative research. Thus groups and individuals can develop skills to help shaping the world of tomorrow in a way that is healing for both people and the earth.

Clarine Campagne is project leader. She organizes learning discussions and peer groups for executives an co-workers; the year course Anthroposophy and work; Theory U days, and is contact person for umbrella organizations. She is supported by both the Iona Stichting and the AViN (Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands).

the travels of the artwork Guernica de la Ecologia

Guernica de la Ecologia was created by artist Claudy Jongstra. With this work she aims to stimulate awareness and dialogue regarding the downfall of nature and a society in which groups of people cannot participate. The work is also meant to elicit initiatives that stimulate biodiversity, social inclusion and traditional handicrafts and their coherence.

Source of inspiration was Picasso’s Guernica in which he put a focus on the atrocities of war. Claudy’s Guernica has the same monumental measurements.

The Iona Stichting initiated a circle of friends around the artwork and stimulates projects that serve it’s purpose. The circle of friends financially supports the travels of the artwork so it can be seen in relevant places. In between the Guernica de la Ecologia has a home in the office of the Iona Stichting.

If you are interested to participate in the Guernica circle, please contact the office.


more information?

For more information about a Iona Initiative, please contact the office: +31206233353 or