the art of giving

Where heart and insight meet.

giving and receiving

The Iona Stichting cannot exist without donors. Their gifts and legacies are the most essential part of our capital. We experience daily what generosity and power of trust can mean to initiators who ask for support. It gives them wings.

To donate is an act of free will. Insight in other people’s needs and a warm heart come together. You can indicate where your interest lies and we take care that your donation is allocated to the projects of your choice.

It is wise to discuss the various aspects of grant giving with an experienced and expert organization.

supporting the same goals

If you pursue the same ideals as those of the foundation you can either earmark your donation for specific goals or choose to donate to the Iona fund from which we support various categories.

tax benefit

For people who pay tax in the Netherlands it is relevant to know that in many cases donations are tax deductible. The Iona Stichting is earmarked as an organization for the common good; in the Netherlands called an ANBI foundation. This means that the foundation is free warded from gift and inheritance taxes and can spend the full amount of your donation to the projects of your choice.

sow now, harvest later

A project sometimes just needs that one little push to unfold.

be involved

You will decide which project categories you want to support. We will keep you informed and consult you in case of doubt.

common goal

You feel connected with the work and ideals of the Iona Stichting. Together we can pursue the same goal.

a donation is a spiritual gift

Your support is not just a financial matter, it is a conscious and spiritual gift.