8 April 2024

Youth Education Days & annual Youth Section co-worker’s Gathering 2024

This is the information page for both the Youth Education Days and the annual Co-Workers Gathering of the Youth Section of the School for Spiritual Science. These events are by invitation only. Please contact if you are interested or want some more information.

The Youth Education Days
From 23 – 25 May 2024 a diverse group of educational initiatives from all around the world will come  together on the Warmonderhof to meet, connect, learn from one another and strengthen their purposes of guiding young people in the 21st century. This event is being organized by the Iona Stichting, together with De Bildung Academie and the Youth Section. Many other initiatives will be contributing as well like: The Nature Institute, Thoreau College, Youth Iniative Program, Ruskin Mill, Goetheanum Studies and Minor Antroposofie.

Annual Co-worker’s Gathering of the Youth Section of the School for Spiritual Science
The annual co-worker gathering of the Youth Section brings young people together who are involved in regular, ongoing work with others in a youth group or project related to anthroposophy for deepening, visioning, and inspiration. The meeting is an event of growth through encounters and work on common questions, intentions, and challenges. The gathering of 2024 is dedicated to the future of higher education, spirituality and digital technology, and the 100th centenary of the Section’s founding. The program is created, and mostly carried, by the participants. The organizing group is a group of young people from around the world. This event follows the Youth Education Days (May 26 – 29th, 2024) and everyone participating in the gathering is encouraged to attend the Youth Education Days. More information will be forthcoming on the website of the Youth Section.